Orders & Lead Times

VeriFlora® Certified

EuroAmerican is now VeriFlora® Certified, our entire operation was audited and put through a rigorous set of environmental, social, and quality criteria including the following:

• Sustainable Crop Production
• Ecosystem Management and Protection
• Resource Conservation and Energy Efficiency
• Integrated Waste Management
• Fair Labor Practices
• Community Benefits
• Product Quality
• Product Safety and Purity


Our real-time product availability and ordering is accessible anytime online clicking on the order menu.


• Grower Ready liner orders for material not shown on availability at the time of ordering require at least ten weeks to produce.
• Retail Ready pre-finished plant orders for varieties not listed on our standard Retail Ready variety list and not shown on availability at the time of ordering require at least 12 weeks to produce. Savvy Succulents™ require at least 16 to as many as 52 weeks. Retail Ready lead-times are dependent on finished plant sizes being ordered. Pre-booking is recommended for getting the specific varieties and sizes you want in the exact weeks you need them. Contact an Inside Sales representative for details.


• Up to eight trays fit into our Big Foot Box. This allows customers to save big on shipping charges and reduce shipping claims. There is no longer a fee for orders below eight trays. Our experience has been that a full Big Foot Box offers greater stability while in transit. This also eliminates lost growing time to re-ship replacements.

• Retail Ready Published Varieties — ˚ 4.25” – Minimum order of 8 pots (1 tray) per variety, includes annuals, perennials, grasses, vines and shrubs.
˚ 4” – Minimum order of 10 pots (1 tray) per variety, includes Savvy Succulents®.
• Palletized Orders – 40 trays will create a solid foundation for a palletized order, 156 of the 84 cell trays fills a pallet. We will ship any quantity of trays via pallet, which will be calculated at our published pallet rate.


• Grower Ready liner orders must be placed through a broker, except in the case of contract growing agreements (see Contract Grows below).
Orders can be placed online through your broker utilizing ePicas. Please contact our Inside Sales team to obtain your ePicas username and password.
• Retail Ready pre-finished plants may be ordered directly from EuroAmerican or through your broker of choice. Orders may be placed by phone or online through ePicas. Please contact our Inside Sales team to establish an account and obtain an ePicas username and password.

Contract Grows

• Grower Ready liners, Retail Ready plants and Specialty plants can all be grown direct through a contract agreement any time of the year. Terms are subject to review on an individual basis. Recent examples of Specialty plant contracts include: Poinsettias, Easter Lilies, large Savvy Succulent® planters, 4.25 inch Proven Winners®, 4.25 inch and 1 gallon Sipsters™ “drought tolerant plants that drink responsibly”, Dianthus, Gerbera Daisies, Dahlias, Pink Zazzle™ in 6.5 inch decorative pink ombre containers, hanging basket • Mandevillas and multiple sizes of select combos.

EuroMazing™ Liners

Each tray is optimized with a combination of light, heat, pinching and growth regulators, which allows plant varieties to consistently finish in full flower at least two weeks earlier than traditional liners.

Shipping during Severe Weather Events

In the case of severe cold or heat weather events, if customers elect to take delivery outside of the original ship date using an overnight service or to receive on Saturday, EuroAmerican will share equally in the extra shipping charges.
* Additional freight/ handling charges; for example, fuel surcharges, air freight, Phyto sanitary and International Phyto will be added during season when applicable.

Trifecta™ Multi-Liners 50-Cell (5M)

Each 50-cell Trifecta™ Multi-Liner contains three different varieties in one cell or multiple varieties of the same genera. These easy-to-use liners will save even more money by also reducing the number of liners needed to produce combinations. An oversized recipe-specific stake tag is included with each liner. You also have the option of ordering a recipe-specific Proven Winners® Container Style hang tag when producing hanging baskets. Trifecta™ Multi- Liners are available for select Proven Winners® top-selling combination recipes.

Standard 84-cell Liner Kit (8K)

These kits are made up of our standard 84-cell Ellepot™ liner trays. We’ve packed them based on our list of top-selling combination recipes and included the Proven Winners recipe-specific Container Style hang tag when applicable or a Proven Winners® generic Container Style hang tag when a recipe-specific one is not available.

Early Order Discount (E.O.D.)

E.O.D. 2% discount on liner orders placed week 27 through October 15th. Discount applies to pricing volumes 1-5 and includes Retail Ready products.


• Grower Ready liner order cancellations must be made at least eight weeks prior to the scheduled ship date to avoid being billed.
• Retail Ready plant order cancellations must be made at least twelve weeks prior to the scheduled ship date to avoid being billed (unless order was placed from live availability).
• ASAP Orders – Cancellations must be received within 24 hours.
• Any orders placed within an eight week window of shipment are considered

ASAP and are applicable to the ASAP cancellation cut-off of 24 hours.