Shipping & Logisitics

Download Shipping Logistics Manual 16-17

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

Shipping Timelines

• Palletized Grower Ready liner orders – Orders need to be received by end of day Wednesday, 12 days prior to ship date. Additions to existing orders are encouraged until end of day Monday.
• UPS and Fedex Grower Ready liner orders – Orders need to be received by end of day Monday, 7 days prior to ship date.
• Retail Ready Southern California orders – Orders need to be entered by end of day, 2 days prior to ship date.
• Retail Ready orders of more than 100 miles and up to 500 miles from EuroAmerican- Orders need to be entered by noon Monday, to be delivered Thursday or Friday of the same week.
• Retail Ready orders of 5,000 or more units need to be entered 6 days or more before departure.

Missed Cut-Off

When you place an order and have missed a cut-off we will utilize our Same Week Shipment Option.

• Same Week Shipment Option – New Grower Ready liner orders received by Monday at noon will ship via UPS or Fedex, leaving Wednesday for Friday delivery (contiguous states only).

Ship 365 days a year with confidence

Our cold-weather ThermoShield® protection keeps your plants from freezing during winter transit.

Customer Pick-Up

Both liners and retail ready orders placed 24 hours in advance may be picked up from EuroAmerican. Schedule your pick-up at the time of placing your order.

Monday through Friday 8:00am – 6:00pm

All pick-up orders will be invoiced the week they are scheduled for pick-up. It is the responsibility of the customer to check that the order is accurate and the material meets quality standards before signing for the order.
Claims for shortages will not be accepted once the order has been signed for and has left the premises.

Restocking Fee

A restock charge of 25% will occur on all customer pick-up orders not picked up on the scheduled date.

Pallet Charge

Customer requesting orders that require a pallet will be charged $8.00 per pallet. This is for special requests such as customer supplied boxes.

Back Orders

Backorders and substitutions of liners are not automatic and must be requested. Replacement orders may be sent at reduced freight rates if within 14 days of the original ship date and in the event a suitable substitute is not available. Retail ready offerings are not eligible for backorder.

Shipping during Severe Weather Events

In the case of severe cold or heat weather events, if customers elect to take delivery outside of the original ship date using an overnight service or to receive on Saturday, EuroAmerican will share equally in the extra shipping charges.

- Original order $75 2 days grand
- Ship via change to over night $180
- Total increase from original rate
$100 - $75 = $52.50
Your saving will be $53

* Additional freight/ handling charges; for example, fuel surcharges, air freight, Phyto sanitary and International Phyto will be added during season when applicable.

Glassy Winged Sharp-Shooter (GWSS)

We are now program regulated in San Diego County, which allows us to ship freely into all Glassy Winged Sharp-Shooter (GWSS) restricted areas.

Freight Cross-Docking Service Available Nationwide

EuroAmerican is pleased to announce a service available to cross-dock orders with EuroAmerican shipments or to back haul on EuroAmerican trucks. Please contact our shipping department’s National Logistics Sales Broker for more information at or Download shipping pamphlet


It is our goal to deliver the best quality product in a timely manner to all of our customers. However, we understand that occasionally the need to file a claim will arise. In our continued effort to provide the best service to our customers, we are asking for your support to address all claims as quickly as possible. When filing a claim, please provide the following information

• The EuroAmerican order number (located on the top right corner of the shipper)
• The bar code from the tray (A clear, readable photo of the barcode on the tray, or all of the information listed on the long label on the side of the tray)
• The date the plants arrived
• The list of the plants that are showing a potential claim
• Photos of the plants Please send all claims to This information will enable us to respond and resolve rapidly!

Types of Claims

Shortages claims must be filed in writing within 48 hours of the receipt of your order. Replacements will be shipped in a timely manner and shipping will be charged according to the original order. Quality claims must be filed in writing within 14 days of the date of receipt. If you receive product that appears as though it may not survive please notify us within the 14 business days so that we may open a pre-claim.
Transportation claims must be filed within 48 hours of date of receipt. Before signing for any delivery check the boxes for any exterior damages and report them immediately to the carrier. Keep in mind that some carriers will not accept claims unless there is visible damage to the exterior of the box. When signing, if there is exterior damage to the box(es) please write “DAMAGED” on the packing slip. Some carriers require you to keep the damaged boxes for up to 20 days. Without the damaged boxes or photos, carriers have the right to deny the claim. EuroAmerican will not be held responsible for third party or collect freight orders. Tracking and Airway Bill (AWB) numbers will be provided upon request for all third party and collect shipments



Our "BIGFOOT" box can fit up to 8 trays, but larger cell size trays will fit less trays per box.


Mixing tray sizes on orders. Our Inside Sales team will work with you to ensure pallets are maximized.
These are maximum tray counts per pallet, some varieties are tall and need additional space and therefore will fit less trays per pallet.