Elements of the Mountain Meadow Design

EuroAmerican Propagators is known for our diverse selection of groundcover plants.
We enjoy finding innovative ideas and concepts to better use our plants.

A professor at Brigham Young University-Idaho, Reese Nelson and
a landscape designer Peter Lassig have designed a creative method for planting in the landscape.
The philosophy is called The Mountain Meadow Design.
This method can help the novice gardener create asthetically pleasing landscapes that
are horticulturally sound.

It is about making the flowerbeds look natural, as if they were sown by the wind.
The design includes four elements: Skeleton, Tendon, Flesh and Sparkle.
We feel this is a refreshing new way to plant in the landscape.

Skeleton  |  Tendon  | Flesh |  Sparkle |  the Mountain Meadow Design   


Skeleton is the naturalistic backbone of the design. It is the form you see and it creates a line to follow.
The Skeleton is the dominant factor, in visual weight, of the design based on color, texture, size or height.
We recommend these varieties listed below for this factor. Skeleton comprises about 25% of the planting bed.

Skeleton  |  Tendon  | Flesh |  Sparkle |  the Mountain Meadow Design   


The Tendon helps to expand the visual line of the Skeleton, interlocking with it.
The Tendons are good team players and take up about 35% of the design.
We recommend the varieties listed below for the Tendon.

Skeleton  |  Tendon  | Flesh |  Sparkle |  the Mountain Meadow Design   


The Flesh fills up irregular spaces in and around the Skeleton and Tendon plants.
They are non-descript work horses and comprise 40% of the planting bed.
We recommend the following varieties for Flesh.

Skeleton  |  Tendon  | Flesh |  Sparkle |  the Mountain Meadow Design   


Lastly, is Sparkle, these plants are used as an accent among the Flesh plants which
gives the design an extra flare or the cherry on top.
We recommend the following list of varieties for Sparkle.



Skeleton  |  Tendon  | Flesh |  Sparkle |  the Mountain Meadow Design   

The Mountain Meadow Design

Here is an example of The Mountain Meadow Design.
we used each component with their proper percentages in mind.
As you can see, the design looks natural and is aesthically pleasing to the eye.