Our Story

EuroAmerican Propagators, Inc. was founded in 1992 when John Rader partnered with Jerry Church to purchase the propagation operation from his former employer,
Weidner’s Gardens in Encinitas, California, where he served as Production Manager.

Early on EuroAmerican was focused on the advancement of vegetative micropropagation techniques, including the ability to produce Elite Stock plants by utilizing
thermally treated tissue cultures. These technological breakthroughs became one of the founding pillars of the business and the entire vegetative industry as it is today.

As EuroAmerican continued to fine tune propagation, Rader simultaneously began launching Proven Winners, an international marketing cooperative that is now known to consumers as The #1 Plant Brand. Having the ability to create demand for unique and innovative plants at the consumer level by successfully implementing pull-through marketing campaigns and developing a strong brand through television, radio, print advertising and now social media has been instrumental in the growing business.

By 1997 EuroAmerican had outgrown the small coastal facility in Encinitas, California and moved to the current hilltop location in Bonsall, California where there is 55 acres of land with extensive production space. With this increase of space came the opportunity to expand the research and development side of EuroAmerican. Still very well known for the long-standing partnerships with world-renowned plant breeders, EuroAmerican was able to build a large trialing station.

For more than twenty years EuroAmerican has thrived. Still under the direction of both co-founders, John Rader oversees the Research and Development Department as well as manages all partnerships within the Worldwide Breeder Network. Jerry Church, the acting General Manager, oversees all Sales, Marketing and Operations.