Rinehart Poinsettias™


Main Season Compact Poinsettia with very good branching characteristics. Pinch to 5 to 6 nodes and seems like you get 8 shoots!
Code 257 grows to a height of say 12” and will slow in height but put on growth to build a wider structure.
Branch breakage is held to a minimum by low profile and thick branch development. Bracts are medium Dark Red and due to the tight density some bracts have a tendency to tuck.

Growing strategy should be to control height early and allow bracts to stretch up to height at finish, reducing the tucking inside the plant. Code 257 is great for 6”production! .
Code 257 performs well in 4” pots, 6” inch pots, 6 ½ inch pots, baskets, and compact Trees


Main Season Bright Red Strong Stem 3 plant Poinsettia with very upright and strong branching to produce a very good 3 plant pot.
Branching is consistent at 4 to 5 branches and will develop a Medium to large upright bract. The upright bract structure and good cyanthia development keeps this plant lasting for a long time. This plant would benefit from Florel sandwich before and after the pinch. The strength of the plant and upright structure and good height yields to a good 3 plant pinched structure.

Code 874 performs best as 8” , 3 plant pinched product and straight up 3 bloom to 9 bloom poinsettia.


Main Season Bright White Upright Bract poinsettia. Selected as a genetic strong clean white poinsettia. Branches are strongly upright and bracts mature with an 8 ½ week finish. Vigorous schedules should be used allowing maximum of 2 weeks from pinch to short days for a 6 inch pinched poinsettia. After pinching, shoots of 1 to 1 ½ inch length should be treated with pgr. Continue reviewing weekly pgr treatment until start of bract color. Code 619 is a candidate for cold finish schedules, as white coloration holds fairly well in reduced growing temperature.

      A-1 Red, Pink & White

Main Season selected Freedom type poinsettia. Consider as an 8 ½ week cultivar.
Bracts mature in extreme heat conditions, including Miami, Florida or heat of Texas.
In addition this variety can be flowered in cold grow or cold finish environments.
Care should be given to control stretch with application of weekly pgr treatments after first shoots show 1 ½ inch growth till first color, provided stretch remains.
Last applications should anticipate reduction of neck stretch development. Great product for minis, 4 inch and 6 inch plants.

Available in Red, White, or Pink.


   Euphorbia Dark Pink, Hot Pink, Pink & Max White   

Princettia® hybrid

Princettia® is a collection of entirely new euphorbia hybrids that are captivating consumers all over the world.
Beautiful shades of pink and now white make them a perfect fit as a gift plant. Princettia® can even be used in the landscape in mild climates, also great for indoor. Max White™ is the “Whitest white” on the market! It has a unique habit and flower/bract petal form; it is more vigorous than normal poinsettias. Perfect choice for adding more color to your holiday collection.